AKC an integrated team approach !

AKC GROUP works in partnership with clients to achieve their goals and expectations using a professional approach and the ability to manage expectations.

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AKC will match your impossible expectations !

AKC GROUP is aware that every client is unique, they have a different culture, expectations and personalities. Our group commitment is to provide you personalized services that not only match but exceed your expectations.

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AKC GROUP a very complete and flexible structure

AKC GROUP, is created from a merger from more than 4 specialized companies in 2014, we are one of the most dynamic and largest turn key management company in the African, Asia and South America.

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Our Unique Portfolio

Habbanya Power Plant 1200 Mw

AKC with Lotus Energy Turkey and General Electric, has ...

AMAC Airpark MRO Global Center

AMAC MRO center is a new MRO center project developed by ...

French Guyana Energy Power Plant

AKC with this local partners signed an agreement with the ...

North Bali International Airport in Indonesia

North Bali International Airport

Wallis and Futuna in South Pacific

Airside Services Consulting

Sharjah International Airport Expansion in UAE

Sharjah International Airport Expansion

Kertajati Aerotropolis BIJB

New Kertajati Aerotropolis


Our core values


Our company take great care to develop plan which are possible to be financed and realised, our philosophy is to design viable plans and strategies.

High Level Consulting

Our company will provide you the best consulting in the market, with top notch with more than 15 years of experience in technical, IT and Financial, our project will be our unique priority

Best Financial Consulting

Our company take great care to provide you the best financial engineering in the market, our company will develop multiple scenarios and solutions to finance your project.

AKC Technology

Our company hold one of the most dynamic Research & Development division, we develop in-house all type of software to masterplan your project and we develop also new financial solutions

Awarded by SASIFP

Our company has many time being awarded by several financial and Investment associations and governments for our capacity to provide very unique solutions to private clients or governmental clients.

New vision

AKC is one of the most advanced company in the market, our company use the Artificial Intelligence to predict occupancy and design this urban planning etc.. our in-house AI is unique and used only by AKC, several consulting company use our solution.

Below active news about project recently engaged by Airports Kinesis Consulting

New engaged projects

New Smart MRO in Laos signed with the government


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AKC Group acquire Asterion Blockchain Technology based on AI

Asterion Blockchain is a two layered elastic sharding blockchain with a theoretic framework and an horizontal scalability clusters to avoid super-full nodes, this next generation of blockchain will be dedicated to facilitate the transactions between airlines, MRO operators, OEM, Fuel Services, and many more using a unique cryptocurrency, also to avoid counterfeit aircraft parts by using an advanced OCR AI technology, Kinesis Group is evolving and designing the future of the aeronautical technologies.

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AKC to realize the Habbanyah 1200 Mw Power Plant

AKC is selected with this partner Lotus Energy and Mordem to realize the new massive power plant of 1200 Mw & the distribution network of 132 kv from Fallujah to Habbanyah.

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Few steps to perfection

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Provide an unique and integrated Solution to ensure that your project is a success

AKC is a is a turn-key aviation consulting firm that provides complete solutions to airport operators and governments authorities by providing efficient planning, feasibility studies, financial evaluation and viability plan, environmental planning, and financial new models and solutions to airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state aviation-related agencies.

We provide financial and technical consulting and project management services related to viable and financeable airport master-planning, airside master planning, financial overview and analyses, environmental planning, financial and site feasibility studies, airfield and airspace analyses, and airport development programs, either on a project basis or as part of on-need consulting services.

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AKC innovative schemes are unique and efficient

AKC financial expertise is unique in the airport industry, our company is capable to cope with any existing situation from land acquisition for an aerotropolis by using REIT models and strategies or from an airport financial scheme using derivative financial instruments to generate more revenues and many more.

Our company hold top notch financial experts in airport industry, construction, airport operation and aerotropolis development strategies and financing.

With AKC you are in very good hands !

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We focus on solving critical client business challenges

In AKC we believe great people produce great results. Our consulting engagements are driven by highly experienced, skilled and certified engineers and financial experts. Our consultants are comprised of thought leaders, subject matter experts and practitioners from leading organizations in every industry who form a community committed to delivering value to our various clients all over the world.

In AKC we have a passion for our clients and our work. The confirmation is in the results we produce for our clients and the long-term partnerships we build from our successes. Our commitment to provide unique technical and financial services and our customer satisfaction is relentless; some of our clients have been with us since our beginning and we have not lost one.

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Focusing on delivering & Share our experience to help grow our client business

AKC has developed during many years a unique technical, financial and multi-disciplinary approach to enhance the customer experience by always innovating in term of finance or engineering. AKC new approach allows today our clients to receive a unique and dedicate view of how to better manage and operate their projects and also how to generate unique revenues using dedicated schemes you cannot find within our competitors.
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AKC Infraconomics Publication

Free - Infraconomics AKC - INDIA

Shape the infrastructure sector of India to accelerate the economy impact. Publication N°046 - India & South East Asia

Free - Publication about Clean Energy Evolution

Publication about Clean Energy Investment : A Transition towards renewable energy to conceptualize a post-oil city

Free - Building a gateway to Asia through infrastructure investment and opportunity

<strong>Building a gateway to Asia through infrastructure investment and opportunity</strong>

Airports Kinesis Consulting

We at AKC are Technical and Financial professionals

AKC is a special company with an unique vision capable to bring to life complex projects, from dream to reality ! Ronnie Hessnan, CEO

AKC has been active in the airport industry since 2012 and our major implication and contribution to these very complex and high level projects is highly appreciated by our clients and partners.

AKC flexibility and solutions are already making the difference in the market !

AKC vision and financial schemes are helping the airport industry to cope with the growth, we are very happy to contribute to this amazing ecosystem !

The diversity of Airports Kinesis in the airport financial and operational audit is unique in the air transportation, with professionals in many specialized disciplines with relevant focus on airport efficiency improvement, airport design and audits, Aeronautical and Non aeronautical advisory, Airport design consultancy, energy planning, renewable energy and expansion planning services for civil aviations, airports, governmental authorities and private clients in a variety of sectors across the world.

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