BIA Aeropark MRO Center

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BIA Aeropark is one of the most ambitious project in Malaysia in the area of Bernam, this global MRO designed by AKC in joint venture with AWAN MEGA Malaysia will be the main MRO center in the Asia region to handle heavy maintenance and light maintenance for more than 60 Asian Airlines.

BIA is a multi MRO Cluster including an OEM, Maintenance Facilities, Storage units and Code A to D maintenance hangars.

BIA Aeropark is the first MRO centre in the world to have more than 110 Places (slots) of Parking remotes for code F by default, with more than 7 Heavy Maintenance (Code D) maintenance facilities and workshops, this centre is one of the most biggest in the world.

This project is set up in three phases :

Phase 1 : MRO Center (Complete Scheme)
Phase 2 : Expansion with a Main Terminal Building to accommodate 4.3 Mpax per year, and the complete LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Traffic from Supang and also the excess from KLIA and Malacca.
Phase 3 : Expansion of the terminal to carry additional 2 Mpax per year and be used as hub for Asian Traffic only.

This project designed by AKC and developed by AWAN MEGA (SCM) is one of the most ambitious project supported by the DCA / MAVCOM (Government) and all the ministries of Malaysia.


Bernam International Airpark (BIA) is a future development of an international aerodrome on 3,994 acres of land in Bernam Jaya, Hulu Selangor, Selangor.

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July 12, 2016
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