North Bali Pre-Tender Event postponed to 16-17 January 2018

July 12, 2016

New North Bali Airport Pre-Tender Event Postponed to 16-17 January 2018

Officials  behind the construction of the new North Bali Airport have announced a change to the event date, which will now be in December 2017 and will be held in Jakarta (our website is under update)

Jakarta – Indonesia, Monday 2nd November 2017

Our marketing company as announced a new date for the event of Pre-Tender of the airport of North Bali, it’s set up officially for the 16-17 January 2018.

The marketing company in charge of the management of the event as to find a new compromise with all the actors of this project and the officials from the government, the date agreed by all parties is officially set up on 16-17 January 2018, they also had to take into account the long period of holiday (Christmas and New Year Eve), this will not change the configuration and the sending of the tenders.

The North Bali International Airport (NBIA) Consortium has contracted with a marketing company to organise the pre-tender conference into two parts: the first day being an opportunity to learn about the development plans for the airport and the second two days consisting of B2B meetings, whereby companies will have the opportunity to present their business capabilities in addition to asking questions about the project.

As originally planned for the earlier event, the new conference will still play host to special guests and dignitaries.

The NBIA consortium are excited to present the proposal made to the Indonesian government for the development of the second largest airport in Indonesia, which originally aims to see 36 million passengers a year using its facilities. Companies wishing put in their tender to work on its construction will inevitably feel fortunate to have the possible opportunity to work on such a pioneering design: the North Bali International Airport is located in the sea of Kubutambahan, Buleleng region near Singarajah; a huge proportion of the airport will be built on a platform over the sea.

Phase 2 of the development will see the airport being the first in the world to have a Reinforced Hybrid MVLS platform (Mega Very Large Structure).  The largest benefit of having such a platform is that the airport can be extended in the future without harming the environment.

About The NBIA consortium:

The North Bali International Airport is a Consortium between the Indonesian government and private companies: Airports Kinesis Consulting (BIBU) and Kinesis Capital and Investment. Their union to complete the $2.7 billion project has been approved in order to reduce congestion at Denpaser Airport but also as a pioneering model of how airports in the future might operate. Being situated in Buleleng allows the airport to fully utilise the sea for: space, cooling, electrolysis in order to produce hydrogen and for plutonic geothermal energy production. The construction of the airport is only part of the overall plans for an aerotropolis named THKON to be developed, creating homes and jobs for the inhabitants of North Bali.


Media Contact:

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 Officials  behind the construction of the new North Bali Airport have announced a change to the event date, which will now be in January 2018 and will be held in Indonesia

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