NBIA Conference to be reported a new date is expected on 9th April 2018

November 23, 2017

Immediate Press Release – Very Important


AKC has just cancelled this contract with PT DARAKA company in Indonesia, for recall, PT DARAKA was the marketing and event management company in charge to manage the event and the conference for the Bali project, as per their lack of capacity to handle efficiently the event rescheduling, our company had to contract with one new event organizer with more experience in order to take care of this very important event.


The investment firm KC&I will be present and will explain during the event the strategy for the financing of the construction, the procurement and provide many other informations.

The complete data sets will be ready with the pre-tenders, the pre-tenders are under evaluation by the government and once they validated they will be sent to the companies by having access using their login and password with token.

We sincerely apologize for the delaying and for the several postponing and we are happy to finally meet all of you very soon.

Please stay connected for more information and data about this event or the project.


Eva Dubois Meulier


July 12, 2016