Head Quarter & Main office

  • 6500 TransCanada Highway, H9R0A5 MontrĂ©al – Pointe Claire Quebec CANADA
  • +1 514 426 6156
  • +1 514 426 6106
  • info@energykinesis.com

Career & Partnership Opprtunity

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our company.


AKC is an equal opportunity employer and strives to attract diverse team members. Our outstanding work environment fosters collaboration among team members and encourages personal and professional development.

AKC seeks qualified, dedicated, self-disciplined candidates to join our team, support our mission, and to make meaningful contributions in support of our strategic goals.

AKC offers also this chance to disabled people by providing specific and accommodating hours of presence and help them to discover the world by providing the best of them

AKC offers a fast-paced, challenging, team-based learning environment that demands self-motivation, technical proficiency, creativity, and strategic thinking.