AMAC Airpark MRO Global Center

AMAC MRO center is a new MRO center project developed by Awan Mega a company of Airports Kinesis Canada, located in Malaysia, this aerospace MRO center is intended to be a global hub for all international MRO companies and operators who want to provide services to Asian and South-East Asia airlines companies.

AMAC MRO is located in the center of an aeronautical industry MRO market of 64 Billion US$ where our project will attract by natural mechanic way, more than 60% of this global industry.

This attractivity is possible only by the management skills of AWAN MEGA, our knowledge and airlines relationship in the air industry, with more than 30 airports projects realized in the world (AKC Group – and Awan Mega is at this day one the most advanced player in this industry and will gather for sure a numerous number of MRO operators in one place and make Malaysia the center of the aerospace industry !

AMAC MRO is the only MRO center in the world to act as a hub and which contain more than 20 heavy maintenance hangars capable to handle 7 aircraft code C or 2 code F in only one hangars all supported with a new AI Quantum Hybrid data center to secure with high range the data from airlines, aircrafts.

This large super structure and on built configuration will allow worldwide MRO operators to perform special maintenance to very complex aircrafts and provide a top-notch service to airlines using a double workshop with complete equipment’s for composite, engine, mainframe, electronics, magnetics and many more, today the airline companies will not have to split the destination of their fleet to multiple MRO for every kind of Maintenance and Overhaul, AMAC MRO is a complete one stop MRO center for all type of Airlines.

As security for passengers is important, every MRO will be checked and registered by Awan Mega & AKC to verify their credentials and all the necessary data. Awan Mega is a company of Airports Kinesis Canada Group & partners to develop this mega project located in Malaysia and providing one of the best service in the world.

AMAC MRO is looking to be autonomous and don’t push the federal government to make high spending in budget, so energy, potable water, sewage water and all necessary utilities and facilities will be provided by AMAC MRO so our project is 100% autonomous and not relying on any other type of additional investment.

AMAC MRO will be composed by an airside and landside area of 4000 acres, this secured area will accommodate airlines for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul with one of the longest runway in the world (5000 meters) and with one of the highest PCN in Asia, a VVIP terminal named over the (VIP Terminal) will be provided in the area of the AMAC MRO with multiple buildings allowing an efficient service for the airlines.

The area will also include an Air Museum for the people of Pahang, the decommissioned aircrafts will be presented as a masterpiece of the air aviation right beside an Aeronautical school and university to train the new engineers who will operate in this area, AMAC Mro designed a new policy to allow the operators to be admissible to a spot in the AMAC MRO and benefits from ITA tax exemption and many more.

AMAC for this project is obliging the MRO operators to recruit at least a quota of 60% Malaysian citizens and train more than 50% of the engineers in their country of origin and Malaysia, this will raise the employment and also raise the quality of the engineers, this quota mechanism has two objectives :

1-generate employment and train Malaysian citizen to new technologies linked to the aerospace,

2- generate wealth which will be spent in Malaysia , the direct and catalytic spending’s from the operators and MRO in all type of goods will generate a rise of the GRDP (Regional) by more than 20% and the consumption will create a high potential for Malls, Food consumption and many more.

AMAC MRO will come along with an Aerotropolis project under a specific designed REIT to accommodate manufactures in engine, composite, equipment’s, seating’s, electronics and others type, the aerotropolis will be seating on 11 organic clusters who will raise the quality of living and the quality at a global and regional scale, with clusters like renewable energy, food processing, finance, school, research and development, logistics and cargo operation in multi-modal mode, aeronautical and astronautical education, etc. the aerotropolis will be one of the most dynamic in south east Asia and Asia.