Kertajati Aerotropolis BIJB

AKC developed and designed the complete feasibility study of the first Indonesian Aerotropolis project based in Kertajati (West Java), located in Java Island, Kertajati Airport will slowly replace Cengkareng Airport for many flights, this potential is unique in Indonesia as he will handle hajj and umrah flights.

Sitting on 3000 hectares, this Aerotropolis project is one of the biggest projects in Indonesia and also in the world ! AKC designed this project to be efficient and highly effective to compensate the high global Capex needed to viabilize this project and acquire the land ! this project is covered by 7 main clusters allowing Kertajati to be a unique place for business, leisure, banking, financing and many more.

AKC developed the Business Plan, the masterplan strategy and the feasibility study for BIJB (the airport operator).