French Guyana Energy Power Plant

AKC with AAMEN (Actions et Applications en Management Energétique) signed an agreement with the local authorities to develop a renewable energy power plant of 114 Mw electrical and 280 Mw thermal, a PPA is actually under evaluation by the comittee and the local authorities with EDF SEI for the global amount of electricity produced.

The project named GuGEO4D (Guyana Geothermal 4th Gen) is a new generation of Geothermal project all based on closed loop system without any environmental interaction and connection with ground and rocks.

This project is part of a global plan initiated by AAMEN company in the island to replace by 2025 the conventional scheme by renewable energy production with smart distribution system, this plan named GEMINI-D is already agreed by the entire French islands (Martinique, Guyana, Guadeloupe and many more).

The power plant generation behind GuGEO4D, will be a deep thermal energy process and will use a enthalpic geothermal energy solution, in its most simple term, deep thermal energy refers to the heat contained within the Earth. The crust, the outermost layer whose thickness is between 20 and 65 km in continental areas (and represents only 2% of the total volume of the planet) contains about 19% of the total estimated flow of heat from the Earth. Actually, 1% of the Earth’s heat energy is contained within the first 5’000 meters.

AKC will use this method to produce 80% of the 114 Mw, to complete the 20% the engineers will use hydrogen generators.