Mitiga International Airport in Libya

Located in the previous military private airport of Ghadafi, this airport complex has been for years accommodating the LAVEX convention, at this day the airport is not used anymore and this landscape and this position are at this day the perfect candidate to support the new gateway to Tripoli and Libya by Air with possible sea access for importation and exportation processing.

With the completely not usable airport of Tripoli (previous and new), the transitional government of Libya has been contracting with AKC to develop a new strategy (brownfield) to accommodate quickly passengers and goods into Libya as the government expect a fast track project, our company had the idea to develop and expand the airport of Mitiga by allowing this mega structure to accommodate passengers, goods and many more..

Our company used the existing and developed a new infrastructure project to handle more than 20 Mpax first and final phase, this structure and composition include a new terminal building of 120.000 square meters and 12 new facilities necessary to run the airport in very good condition and without interruption using top notch solutions.

The new apron has been redesigned to process multiple aircrafts in a very limited space by allowing high range rotation, the new ATC located at the end of the runway will monitor also and serve as a base and structure to pilot flights even for Benghazi Airport, our ATCT project includes all the new facilities.

For the first time in History, AKC developed all this project using a GIS system named ESRI, so the complete masterplan is capable to evolve in an intelligent way, even the access and the roads (designed using TSS), this unique design concept is one of the specialty of AKC that no other company use at this day !