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Airports Kinesis Consulting is a consulting company founded in 2011 by a group of internationally experienced senior multi-disciplinary airports engineers, operators and consultants, offering independent, unique added value planning and consultancy services in airport and aerospace development.

Composed by highly trusted professional with a strong network, AKC of this business lead to a competitive edge in terms of the quality and efficiency of our work.

Airports Kinesis Consulting is also part of the main group named Kinesis Corporation Group with more than 20 companies specialized in several fields like real estate, financial and investment, bio-technology, research and development, fintech, architects and many more. AKC is specialized in air transportation business and infrastructure projects, our company focus in all aspect of the project and we provide a complete package including the financial (investment), values and operational strategies to enhance the vision of your initial project.

Our clients are mainly governments, airport operators, airlines, private sectors and service providers involved in air transportation business, our company will be involved from the greenfield (new projects) to the finalization, expansion and optimization of a brownfield project. Our company provide services from large initial planning to the completion (IATA Compliance), our position through the group allow us to use, on prime, the capital of KC&I to invest on new projects or for expansions, we are capable to finance your all project and be part of the operation in joint venture.

Some of the services provided by our company :

  • Green and Financial (optimized) Master planning
  • Capacity demand analysis and evaluation
  • Traffic flow forecast and analysis
  • Industrial and City development (Aerotropolis)
  • Terminal Design and Concept
  • Airport facility planning
  • Airside and landside infrastructure
  • Renewable energy integration concepts
  • Asset management and Investment
  • Functional Planning
  • Logistics Design and concept
  • MRO Center and Design
  • Retails and Duty Free Concept design and Viability strategies
  • Non Aviation Business
  • New technologies integration
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Business Plan Review and KPI integration design strategies over sub-operation companies

Planning & Air Transportation

Airports are the main entry point to a country and their positionning is very important for the economy and the development, conscious about this main function, AKC specialize in providing top notch multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting to airport operators, governments and private sector to enhance the quality of this infrastructure by providing the best adapted and cost effective solution capable to match the existing budget of the client.

AKC mainly focus on, financial viability, functionality, profitability, strategy and sustainability to develop targeted and balanced solutions for optimum air-transportation project for our clients.

Our focus mainly rise around :


Our company design top notch masterplan projects and concepts, including all the necessary buildings and facilities, we design only what your project needs and our main focus is to viabilize every building by making it financially independant or bankable, our company will advise you on the best strategy to adopt for the operation and the development allowing you to control your capex costs and also to have enough opex revenues to capitalize every function of your airport to make it financially viable.


AKC with this sister company are financial and investments professionals specialized in air transportation operation, we analyse every part of the project and monetize all of the airport to make it viable and financially self dependant, we develop strategies and unleash the potential of your infrastructure by using very specific and unique financial strategies as for example : derivatives, REIT scheme for the aerotropolis and many more.. our objective is to make your project not only efficient but also financially viable by creating added value.

Aerotropolis & AREIT

Aerotropolis are for long a myth and a theoretical solution developed by John Kasarda, their implementation depend on multiple factors linked to the real estate constraints and few specialists are capable to design an efficient aerotropolis but none are capable to design a complete financial viable scheme to be implemented to this aerotropolis planning. AKC developed new financial strategies allowing the airport operation or the government to avoid high capex costs and share the risk with other investors to make their project happen and viable.

AKC is the first company in the world to adapt the REIT scheme to the airport operation, few successful scheme (Kertajati Aerotropolis in Indonesia) or (Bernam MRO Center in Malaysia) and many others.. our company is capable to adapt the REIT and make your project a reality.

Airport Feasibility and Viability

Airport projects typically are always followed by high investment volumes. In order to have a solid base for making sound decisions our company design top notch feasibility studies (financial and technical).

AKC technical and financial experts accurately check and analyse your airport project in main feasibility nodes.

Beside providing usual key drivers, data information, development concepts and solutions we analyze the impact of your project on the global economy, the scaling, the investment scheme and many more. We ensure that your project will be a success by working harder to find and make sure that all the nodes and the requirements are positive in order to make your project a go ahead.

Our company will mainly focus on the four main following nodes

  • the market (including catchment area, traffic potential, airlines, strategy, etc.)
  • the technical requirements (including capacities, quality standards, facilities, operation, etc.),
  • operation strategies (including operation schemes, operation strategy at every area of your project, etc..)
  • the financial feasibility (including aviation and non-aviation revenues, costs, financing, etc.).


At AKC we ensure that your project is viable and is technically feasible, our outside the box thinking allow us to take any not viable project and transform it into a very good and viable project ! so feel free to contact us.

Technical and Financial Evaluation

Infrastructure Evaluation

AKC is the best choice for preparing or assessing assets and projects for governments, operators and pool investors, our company is working in close relationship with KC&I ,our company developed a unique technical and financial assesment skills capable to allow any contracting company, airport operators or private client to assess the potential of the future asset they want to acquire or invest on.

Our assesment is accurate with only 7% of risks, evaluating assets of more than 9 billions $ and driving investments of more than 30 bn $ (global investment pool), our company has developped top notch strategies to not only assess by also optimize project by making every part of the project viable and bankable over sub-operation companies with KPI or simply by using unique technologies who will allow you to save money and generate high based revenues.

AKC already assessed with success very complex projects for a total budget of more than 40 bn $ (global) as North Bali International Airport for an amount of 3 Bn $ (capex) or Lubumbashi Airport Complex for an amount of 4 bn $ (with the aerotropolis) or projects like Kertajati Aerotropolis, Bourget Aerotropolis and many more.

Our experience in very high scale complex projects clearly differentiate our company from other airports consultants. Our knowledge and understanding of raising capital for airport business help us to better understand your problems and will help you to reduce risks. Our strategies and solutions will be your best partner for this long-term development and realisation.

Some of our services :

Initial Bid Evaluation (over success fee):

  • Market screening and Capture
  • Political and Macro Economic Evaluation and Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation (Geostrategic and Geopolitics)
  • Project evaluation
  • Pre-feasibility studies with redesign of your project
  • Strategic development concepts, including:
    • Market assessments and traffic forecasts
    • Technical development concepts, design and planning
    • Business & financial planning
    • Management concepts
    • Organisational and Financial structuring
    • Legal and regulatory framework concepts
    • Operation Financial Strategies
    • Marketing Plans concepts and action program
    • ORAT for future operations
  • Masterplanning and Phasing strategies (over tight capex strategies)
  • Bid management and legal structuring
  • Consortium Organization and Preparation
  • Project financing & equity participation through Kinesis Capital and Investment

Expertise in preparing financial and technical benchmarks

Financial & Airport Benchmarks

At AKC we understand that the F&T benchmarking is a captious concern for any industry. Our company has a large range of expertise and data hold from existing projects or developed projects, AKC is capable to develop your KPI index scheme for any area of expertise and area of your airport allowing you to set up and design very efficient contracts for sub-operation companies or airport operation companies who want to hold and manage assets like airports.

Our tools are all designed using AI (Artificial Intelligence) coupled with Big Data database (own by AKC), this method allow us to predict the growth, predict the volume of traffic, revenues associated, spending rate growth and many more for you to develop appropriate Key Performance Indicators matching the reality of the market.

Our connection to the global air-transportation market allow our company to be competitive and to have one of the most biggest database of the world, the integration of the AI scheme (Artificial Intelligence) allow you to go deeper down in the behavior allowing you to also better understand the buying behaviour of the passenger at duty free (for buying or consumption), time of arrival, time of check in and volatility and many more, this deep understanding through AI will allow you to have a powerfull tool and arguments to negociate with the sub operation and the airport operation companies.

Our AI is using a regression numerical model named AI_BRM (Artificial Intelligence Behaviour Recognition Model), this model is designed by our engineers and is patented USPTO since 2016.

We make your projects come true !

Development & Management