Zero Energy Airport

AKC is the first company in the world to develop a ZEA concept.

ZEA is standing for Zero Energy Airport and the concept is not linked to the architecture of the building but more in the masterplanning configuration and the use of new technologies to produce new renewable energy and also to manage by reducing to almost 0 the energy consumption of the airport global buildings.

As the energy capacity using fossil fuel primary energy is increasingly constrained to be limited, we clearly now that today the aviation and airports sector are accounting for more than 6 % of the world oil demand, Over the period 1980–2008, oil demand in this sector more than doubled.

The number of passengers carried by air increased at close to twice this rate and lead today to build extensive airport infrastructures with very high demand in energy, the power needed by these infrastructure sometimes exceeds the typical power needs of more than 140.000 homes.

Operational Efficiency measures are today mainly performed on new and existing passenger terminal buildings to decrease and reduce the energy demand per passenger, in point of fact an airport is in reality a very complex infrastructure to build or optimize, this infrastructure often open 24/7 to handle passengers, aircrafts, freights etc.. require a very good knowledge of the country and airlines needs.

ZEA project is born using the net zero principle which is viewed as a means to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for energy demand and distribution. ZEA also known for Zero Energy Airport, is developed through a combination of very complex process and design based on engineering experience and more than 30 airports. ZEA airport is an entire renewable energy based and autonomous infrastructure, without any connection from the conventional fossil fuel, coal or nuclear grid network, we use the the electrical grid only to backup very important facilities and air navigation systems.

The overall planning objective of the ZEA Concept is to create a unique Less Energy Airport Transportation Centre and a positive energy + Zero Carbon Airport to be recognized throughout the world.The energy used by ZEA is a smart and dynamic combination of multiple complex energy production technologies using several primary sources : solar, wind, bio-fuels, geothermal.

The overall use of energy on power plants is reduced at maximum using the last known technics, the provided facilities are highly efficient. ZEA project is becoming more realistic as the cost of the renewable alternative energy systems and technology decline and the cost of of traditional fossil fuel, nuclear and coal are growing exponentially.

ZEA Energy Concept

NEURAIX is the new artificial intelligence engine used by our company to design and evaluate traffic and behaviour of aircrafts, movements, passengers and many more to design revenues and design the peak for each buildings. Our company designed the perfect tool to evaluate the potential of every ancillary building and optimize functions over a next gen masterplanning process.

NEURAIX is a full engine using deep reinforcement learning process with a potential probability database and sequences over scenarios allowing the module to predict more than 1000000 scenario of use, traffic, consumption, behaviour and many more.

A website is under construction and online very soon, explaining with video the concept and showing the engine in action.