Turn Key Solutions

Airports & Aerotropolis

ATK is a new turn key solution for governments and airport operators, this solution is a complete solution where our company invest on the feasibility studies, design the concept and also finance your project over an operation sharing formula.

ADES Solution

ADES is standing for Airports Decentralized Energy Solution, this concept stand for existing airports or new greenfield projects, ADES allow the airport operators to be fully decentralized in term of energy production and consumption, the solution provided allow also the airport operators to resell through PPA the excess energy produced over this land (area) to the main network and generate additional revenues.

Next Gen Power Plant

AKC specialize in next power plant generation design and feasibility studies, we develop next generation power plants using hybrid energy processing as magnetic levitation and storage scheme in order to increase the LCOS scheme of your project (Levelized Cost of Storage).